Vacuum Lifting can be one of the most cost effective ways of providing lift assistance for handling payloads such as sacks, boxes, panels, drums, reels and pallets. Not only do vacuum tube lifters ensure employers comply with manual handling regulations and health and safety legislation, but often improve productivity whilst reducing potential payload damage.

Birch Handling’s comprehensive range of Vacuum Tube Lifters are available in two ‘easy to use’ models. The Swift-Mini (operates using a quick-release trigger system) is ideally suited for handling payloads upto 25kg (55lb) e.g. container off-loading applications, whilst the Swift-Maxi (operates using a rotary grip control system) can handle loads up to 300kg (660lb) and be configured to suit each client’s unique process and payload lifting requirements.

  • Box and Carton Vacuum Lifters
  • Sack and Bag Vacuum Lifters
  • Board and Door Lifting
  • Panel Handling
  • Drum and Barrel Handlers
  • Pallet Handling and Inspection
  • Reel and Roll Lifters
  • Sheet and Glass Lifting
  • Slab and Block Lifters