Birch Handling’s range of Vacuum Sheet Lifters can be used to overcome the majority of manual sheet and glass handling applications. A variety of different material sheet including steel, plastic and glass weighing up to 600kg (1,323lb) can be handled by a single operator controlled system.

Several types of suction foot arrangement are available, enabling steel sheets of up to 6 metres in length to be raised. As an option, the inclusion of an angle adapter will allow sheets to be lifted and rotated from a horizontal to vertical position and visa versa.

Birch Handling’s range of Vacuum Board Lifters can be used to handle wood, steel, plastic and all forms of laminate panels with capacities up to 600kg (1,323lb).

Boards may be lifted, rotated and angled, which allows a single operator to perform many lifting tasks including machine loading and panel stacking.

Not only do vacuum board lifters ensure employers comply with current health and safety legislation, but also often improve productivity by reducing the manpower required to perform certain lifting tasks.