Pneumatic Lifters primarily utilise a low friction pneumatic cylinder as the means of lifting power and can provide a cost effective solution to many lifting applications. Compared with vacuum lifting devices, pneumatic lifts are generally more suited to manual handling operations that require precise or controlled pick and place movements, such as vehicle line-side operations in automotive plants.

Pneumatic Lifters may use a variety of pneumatic cylinder combinations as the main power source, allowing considerable lifting capacities. Guided pneumatic lifters, such as the MastLift manipulator manufactured by Birch Handling, enable a solid mounting platform for tooling and the option of powered rotation in one or more axes. This design makes for particularly good drum handling equipment; where controlled movements prove beneficial to operators engaged in drum pouring or barrel tipping operations.

Any numbers of payload tooling solutions are available for Birch Handling pneumatic lifts. Ranging from simple mechanical fork sets, lazy tongue or hooks to custom suction lifters, pneumatic grippers and magnets; our SolidWorks 3D design capabilities will nearly always help find a handling solution to suit your application.

Crane suspension options for pneumatic lifters can be either free hanging on a jib crane or guided along on a bridge crane mounted carriage system, which can also be powered in its movement if required.

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